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The second season of the American television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., based on the Marvel Comics organization S.H.I.E.L.D., follows Phil Coulson and his team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and allies as they attempt to rebuild the organization after it was revealed to have been infiltrated by Hydra in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). The season is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and acknowledges the continuity of the franchise's films and other television series. It was produced by ABC Studios, Marvel Television, and Mutant Enemy Productions, with Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jeffrey Bell serving as showrunners.

You have requested : Ncis.New.Orleans.S02E23.MP...

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Whedon elaborated that "We're going to walk her through the steps of discovering what this really means, and coming to terms with it. All that stuff is really interesting to us, and in television, because we have time to explore, we can take her origin on all sorts of different paths."[53] Additionally, Whedon talked about how the character would be referred to on the show after the reveal, saying, "She's still Skye, because she thinks she's Skye. I think her dad thinks she's Daisy, and we'll see if she ever gets to the point where she believes that that's something that she would want to call herself. But right now, she has her own identity."[54]

The season confirms that the blue alien seen in the first season, and a recurring plot point this season, was a member of the Kree race, who play a significant role in Guardians of the Galaxy.[77] Whedon explained that "We obviously showed this body a year ago at around this time. When we were breaking that and sussing out what this arc would be, we had to have a lot of the pieces in place from the get go ... we had to talk to features about what their plans were and where they were going." When asked whether this counts as the series tie-in to Guardians of the Galaxy, Whedon said "It is a very far away other galaxy, so it's a little bit harder to have one of them walk into our set, so a direct tie-in is a little bit more challenging, but it's all one universe, so there's always opportunity for more. ... In Guardians, we saw parts in our universe that we hadn't explored yet, so it shows we're a part of that too."[78] This storyline also introduces the Inhumans to the MCU, ahead of their own film that was planned.[55]

For the final twelve episodes of the season, Marvel once again ran the "Art of..." initiative, in which a different image was released each Thursday before a new episode, depicting a first look at a key event from the upcoming episode, with the season's title being "The Art of Evolution". The different artists were once again chosen to create the teaser posters, based on their previous work and how it connected to the themes and emotion of the intended episode. On how what is shown on each poster is chosen, Bell said, "maybe we'll show [the artist] the script or let them watch the episode and let them respond to it emotionally and see what's interesting to them. And then we have a conversation with them about how we'd like to portray that, and then we try to lean into the strengths that they have. Some are more graphic, some are more character based, some are more composite, and some are cleaner. And that's one of the things [the producers] really look forward to each week, getting the initial sketches back from the artists and seeing their interpretation."[83] The art once again appeared as variant covers to select titles published by Marvel Comics in June 2015.[84]

Vandal Savage arrives in Central City, seeking to kill Kendra. Barry goes to Star City and enlists the help of Oliver and his team to protect her. The team is visited by Malcolm who informs them that Savage is an immortal. Later, Kendra is kidnapped by Hawkman, but Barry and Oliver rescue her and capture Hawkman, who introducing himself as Carter Hall, tells them he and Kendra are soulmates who have been connected for millennia. The pair are destined to die, be reborn, and find each other in each lifetime. Carter also reveals that Savage has killed the pair several times, each time growing stronger. Savage acquires the Staff of Horus, a deadly weapon. Kendra unlocks her abilities and the team decides to regroup in Central City, where Oliver witnesses Samantha Clayton with her son, who is also his. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Harry create a serum that will temporarily increase Barry's speed so that he can defeat Zoom. Jay initially refuses to test the serum, but changes his mind to save Harry when the latter is shot by an unaware Patty, whom Joe later informs about the truth. However, Jay advises against using the serum on Barry.

In February 2016, it was announced that Gustin would appear on the eighteenth episode of Supergirl, with Berlanti and Kreisberg, also Supergirl executive producers, thanking "the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone's enthusiasm and support."[108] While no plot details on the episodes were released at the time, Ross A. Lincoln of Deadline Hollywood noted that "the in-universe reason" for the crossover was due to Barry's ability to travel to various dimensions, thus implying that Supergirl exists on an alternate Earth to the Arrowverse in a multiverse.[109] "Welcome to Earth-2" confirmed this, showing an image of Benoist as Supergirl during a sequence where characters travel through that multiverse.[100] The Earth that the series inhabits has been informally referred to as "Earth-CBS" by Marc Guggenheim, one of the creators of Arrow.[110]

In "Worlds Finest", which aired on CBS on March 28, 2016, Supergirl is established as being in an alternate universe where the Flash helps Kara fight the Silver Banshee and Livewire in exchange for her help in returning home.[111] The episode title was inspired by the World's Finest Comics series, in which Superman would team up with various other DC superheroes, including the Flash. The events of this episode take place between two moments in the eighteenth episode of The Flash season two, "Versus Zoom", which aired on April 19, 2016, in which Barry enters and exits a breach while wearing the tachyon device seen in this episode.[112][113][114] The crossover required "a lot more logistical trickery" than the usual Arrowverse crossovers due to Gustin filming The Flash in Vancouver alongside Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, while Supergirl is produced in Los Angeles.[115] The producers chose to use the Flash as the character to crossover, due to his ability to travel between various Earths, and because it was "a little more fun at first to bring the veteran from that show to the chemistry of a new show." Berlanti stated that "in a perfect world", the crossover would have featured both Gustin and Amell's Green Arrow, "but logistically that would have been a nightmare to try and do both shows. We had to facilitate one."[116] Gustin was optimistic that the crossover in 2016 would allow another crossover the following year with the rest of the Arrowverse shows.[117]

NOTE: In the past, some IMFDB users have mis-spelled "SIG-Sauer" as "Sig Sauer". "Sig Sauer" is not the correct spelling; "SIG" is an acronym for Swiss Industrial Society ("Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft " in German), and thus, all three letters should be capitalized. Also, it is preferred that IMFDB users put a hyphen between "SIG" and "Sauer".

The SIG-Sauer P228 was introduced in 1988 for commercial sale and was used by the US Secret Service until it was replaced by the newer P229 in .357 SIG. It is also used by the US military as the M11 for use by Pilots and Criminal Investigation forces due to need of a more compact weapon and can be authorized for shooters with smaller hands who have trouble gripping the Beretta M9 properly. Note that the newer P228R has a squared trigger guard. Production originally ceased when SIG-Sauer introduced the 9x19mm variant of the P229. However, in 2012, SIG-Sauer has introduced the M11-A1 for civilian sales, which is essentially the civilian version of the P228 used by the US military, equipped with a high capacity 15-round magazine.

Note: Released to Public in 1999. Discontinued in 2006. Replaced by the SIG-Sauer P220 Carry or P220 Compact. While the shorter barrel was popular there were complaints about the short grip. The company now sells an extended eight round magazine for the P245. The P220 Carry/Compact is what many feel should have been made all along.

Sitting outside Lucky Leon's, Aria tells the others about Duncan Albert, the boy who thought she was Vivian at the end of the previous episode. She told him she was a friend of Vivian's and hasn't seen her since she gave her the coat. He doesn't know Alison/Vivian is dead because he has been in Florida the past year. Aria shows Spencer Duncan's number and tells her he met Vivian in a bookstore a few doors down from the creepy doll hospital Jonah sent them to. Emily questions if Duncan is just a random guy Alison flirted with, but Spencer is sure Ali wouldn't have wasted time flirting while trying to track down "A." Aria decides to call him. Just then, a car pulls up and Jenna and Toby emerge, Jenna's eye bandaged post-surgery. Spencer stands up and stares.

Outside, Duncan questions whether Aria has told him her real name, because he knew Vivian was not Vivian's real name. Taken aback, Aria considers this, and finally tells him Vivian's name was Alison. Then she has to deliver the unfortunate news that Alison is dead. Duncan is clearly upset to hear she was killed over a year ago and that they haven't found the killer. He realizes Aria must be Alison's writer friend and tells her Ali talked about her 4 best friends a lot. Aria asks Duncan if Ali ever mentioned someone she was afraid of, but Duncan isn't keen on talking about it there. He admits he didn't meet Ali at the bookstore in Brookhaven, but somewhere nearby. Aria offers to meet him there if he would be more comfortable. He isn't sure and agrees to call her. Before leaving, Duncan admits to seeing Alison the weekend she disappeared. 041b061a72

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