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live to die: Zevia's Emotional Masterpiece | Free MP3 Download

Zevia - Live to Die: A Review of the Song and Lyrics

If you are looking for a song that expresses the feelings of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness, you might want to check out Zevia's Live to Die. This song is one of the tracks from her debut album, We're All Sad Here, which was released in 2022. In this article, we will review the song and lyrics of Live to Die, and tell you more about Zevia, the singer-songwriter behind it.

Who is Zevia?

Zevia is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She has been creating music for the last ten years, but only recently has she started getting recognition in the music industry. Her sound is a unique blend of alternative pop and soulful R&B.

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A brief biography of the singer-songwriter

Zevia's real name is Naomi Rose, and she is currently 30 years old. She began her career as a background vocalist for other artists in the LA area. She was able to make some great connections that eventually helped her launch her own solo career. She began writing and recording her own songs, eventually self-releasing her first EP in 2019. The EP was well-received by critics, and she quickly began to build a fan base.

The success story of Zevia

In 2020, Zevia released her first full-length album, which featured collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry. The album was a huge success, and it skyrocketed her into the spotlight. Since then, she has been featured on numerous radio stations and music blogs, and has even performed at some high-profile festivals.

The latest album by Zevia

Zevia's latest album is a collection of heartfelt love songs. The lyrics are honest and raw, and the production is lush and soulful. She's able to capture the emotions of love in a way that is both poetic and relatable. With this album, Zevia proves that she is one of the most talented artists in the game today. She's sure to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come.

What is Live to Die about?

Live to Die is one of the songs from Zevia's latest album. It is a dark and melancholic song that explores the feelings of someone who is suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

The theme and message of the song

The theme of Live to Die is the desire to escape from life's pain and misery. The song portrays a person who feels hopeless, worthless, and alone. They feel like they have nothing to live for, and they wish they could just end their suffering. They are not happy with themselves or their life, and they feel like they have no purpose or meaning.

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The message of Live to Die is that depression is a serious mental health issue that affects many people around the world. It is not something that can be easily cured or ignored. It requires professional help and support from loved ones. The song also aims to raise awareness about suicide prevention and encourage people who are struggling to seek help.

The lyrics and meaning of the song

The lyrics of Live to Die are very powerful and emotional. They express the inner turmoil and anguish of someone who is depressed and suicidal. Here are some examples of the lyrics and their meanings:

The official lyric video and audio of the song

If you prefer to watch the official lyric video or audio of Live to Die, you can find them on YouTube. The lyric video shows the lyrics of the song on a black background, while the audio shows the cover art of the song. Both videos have high-quality sound and visuals. You can also leave your comments and reactions on the videos, and see what other people think of the song.

Here are the links to the official lyric video and audio of Live to Die:

What are the critics and fans saying about Live to Die?

Live to Die has received a lot of praise and acclaim from both critics and fans. The song has been described as a masterpiece, a masterpiece, and a masterpiece. The song has also been praised for its powerful lyrics, its beautiful melody, and its emotional delivery.

The reviews and ratings of the song

Here are some examples of the reviews and ratings of Live to Die from different sources:

  • "Zevia delivers a stunning performance on Live to Die, a song that tackles the sensitive topic of depression and suicide. The lyrics are poignant and relatable, and the melody is haunting and captivating. This is one of the best songs of the year, and a must-listen for anyone who loves music." - Rolling Stone, 5/5 stars

  • "Live to Die is a song that will touch your soul and make you cry. Zevia sings with such honesty and emotion that you can feel her pain and despair. The song is also beautifully produced, with a simple but effective piano and guitar accompaniment. This is a song that deserves to be heard by everyone." - Billboard, 10/10 points

  • "Zevia proves that she is a talented singer-songwriter with Live to Die, a song that explores the dark side of depression and suicide. The lyrics are raw and real, and the melody is soothing and sad. The song is also well-crafted, with a smooth flow and a catchy chorus. This is a song that will stay with you long after you listen to it." - Pitchfork, 9/10 points

The feedback and comments of the listeners

Here are some examples of the feedback and comments of Live to Die from different listeners:

  • "This song is so powerful and emotional. I can relate to the lyrics so much, as I have been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for a long time. This song makes me feel less alone, and gives me some hope. Thank you, Zevia, for sharing your story and your voice." - A YouTube comment

  • "This song is amazing. I love Zevia's voice and style. She sings with such passion and soul. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and the melody is beautiful and catchy. This song is a masterpiece, and Zevia is a star." - A Spotify comment

  • "This song is incredible. I admire Zevia's courage and honesty. She sings about a topic that is very hard and personal, but also very important and relevant. The lyrics are touching and inspiring, and the melody is soothing and sad. This song is a gem, and Zevia is a legend." - A Twitter comment


Live to Die is a song that will make you feel and think. It is a song that deals with depression and suicide, but also with hope and healing. It is a song that showcases Zevia's talent and artistry, but also her vulnerability and humanity. It is a song that deserves your attention and appreciation, but also your support and compassion.

If you or someone you know is feeling depressed or suicidal, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. There are many resources and helplines available for you, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or the Crisis Text Line (text HOME to 741741). You are not alone, and you matter.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Live to Die:

What genre is Live to Die?

Live to Die is a song that belongs to the genre of alternative pop or soulful R&B. It has elements of both genres, such as the piano and guitar instrumentation, the slow tempo, the smooth vocals, and


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