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Transformers 3 BEST

The movie's title, then "Transformers: The Dark of the Moon", was first discovered on October 6, 2010 via listings for childrens' books on Amazon. The title was further confirmed by a whois check for "".[85] On October 31, the official website for all three movies,, was updated to show the Transformers: Dark of the Moon logo as well as international release dates.

Transformers 3


overall its a good movie better then 2 and more action then 1 but what the hell happend to soundwave, I read somewhere that hes up there in the top 5 G1 transformers but what a waist of a great bot!! was really looking fwd in see him in action and saw him twice very disappointing and your right about there not being a real villian and dont remember magatron and shockwave in the same shot together.. sad but as an action film I give it on 8/10 as a true transformer film 5/10 Peace 041b061a72


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