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Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods

While having mods gives us an as-new experience playing Dark Souls 3, some of us still want to play as legitly as possible. This mean no cheating on the amount of souls your account has! So where do you get huge bunches of souls? Hint: hunting the Stray Demon and fighting the Fire Demon. Two possible places to earn a pile of souls? You betcha!

Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods

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Another import from another game. Darkwraith armor comes from the darkest depths of Dark Souls to take the evil scary game of Skyrim to unseen levels. The mod is a surprising fit into the world of Skyrim for all your evil badass needs.

So these are our Skyrim mods featuring some of the evilest and badest armor mods for Skyrim. If you feel like we skipped over some armor sets that are even more diabolical than the ones on our list sound off in the comments below. 350c69d7ab


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