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Players are penalized for using certain vampiric abilities in front of witnesses; exposing their existence loses masquerade points, although additional masquerade points can be earned from quests and other actions. Violating the masquerade five times draws the ire of vampire hunters and loses the game.[5][15] The player has humanity points, representing the vampire's humanity. Some actions cost humanity points; a low humanity score alters available dialog options to become more aggressive and increases the chance of entering a frenzied state and embarking on a killing spree when the vampire's blood is low. A large amount of damage can also trigger this frenzy. Like masquerade points, losing all humanity points ends the game, with the vampire becoming a mindless beast.[5][17] Some areas, known as Elysium, prevent the use of Disciplines or weapons.[20] Players can recruit a ghoul, Heather, as a customizable servant who gives them blood, gifts, and money.[22]

Vampire The Masquerade Redemption Cd Key Crack




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