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Guide To Play Throw-in Bet for Newplayer

Although not widely noticed, throw-in bets remain a popular choice among seasoned players. Do you know how to play and what the potential winnings are? All information about throw-in bets will be shared below by bet football tips . Join us and find out more.

Throw-in Bet - How to Bet on Throw-ins Simply

For major matches, leading online football bookmakers offer various exotic bet types. Therefore, betting on throw-ins can be challenging for players.

This type of bet requires access to top sportsbooks. Only then can we place bets on this option.

When discussing throw-in bets, it refers to a type of bet on the number of throw-ins during a football match. The outcome does not depend on the goals scored by the teams. Instead, it is based on the number of throw-ins performed by both teams during the match.

Because this type of bet is less common, few people participate in throw-in betting. However, it is relatively easy to analyze and bet on throw-ins. If you're new to this, make sure to learn more about betting strategies for this type of bet.

Furthermore, besides its Vietnamese name, this bet is also known as 'Throw-in Betting' in English. It involves betting on the number of throw-ins occurring during a football match.

Common Types of Throw-in Bets

Throw-in bets are considered secondary bets but still come in various forms, such as:

Handicap throw-in betting: The bookmakers set handicap odds for the number of throw-ins for one of the teams. Teams perceived as weaker may receive additional throw-ins added to their score.

To increase your chances of winning throw-in bets, stay proactive in researching and observing game situations. With everything in order, your predictions and bets can be more accurate.

Throw-in betting in over/under format:

With over/under throw-in betting, the bookmakers establish a threshold between over and under. However, the result is solely based on the actual number of throw-ins performed by both teams.

When there's a discrepancy in the results, the outcome of the game will surely affect the win or loss. The winner must have placed a bet that matches the predicted outcome.

The gameplay is quite similar to regular online over/under betting. However, sometimes there's a chance to get a draw, allowing players to still win their bets, even if their prediction isn't entirely accurate.

Watch now: what is handicap in football betting

First throw-in bet execution

On the other hand, there is another type of throw-in bet that is also very important. It is the bet on which team will perform the first throw-in in the match.

The gameplay is very simple and easy to apply. The player only needs to accurately predict which team will execute the first throw-in in the match they are watching.

If the player guesses correctly, the money will quickly be in their hands. However, throw-in bets are not currently very prominent.

If you want to sustain throw-in bets in the long term, you need to have policies, strategies, and plans that are suitable for yourself.

Some things to note when placing throw-in bets:

Throw-in bets are easy, but in practice, they are not as simple as rumored. Players need to be very careful and pay attention to the timing of each sports venue regulation.

Because this type of bet will be released by reputable bookmakers before kick-off. Moreover, in situations where the ball is kicked off or unexpected events occur, throw-in bets may be temporarily suspended.

Depending on the type of bet, players will receive reasonable advantages while playing. However, for accuracy, you need to understand the field you want to maintain.

Even when a throw-in is executed incorrectly or not according to the rules, players will still be scored by the system according to different requirements. Each case that occurs has its own calculation method.

Therefore, the best experience for betting on throw-ins is to actively access reputable bookmakers to experience today.


Thank you for accompanying and following betting tips vip app through the entire sharing about throw-in bets in football. Hopefully, through the information we have just compiled, it will help you gain valuable and necessary knowledge during the process of betting on throw-ins in football.


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