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World Wide Hack

You can look deeper and test it on your own for FREE. Join our discord community to taste immersive hacking experience with the dev team and many other players and help as in development process!

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack is a MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for PC, Mac and Web. You hack into the system of QuanTech company and with other hackers discover their secrets, where the weirdest one is some experimental world networks looking like simulations.

Explore huge open world network, manipulate inhabitants and corporations hacking their computers, observe consequences of your actions and decide if you want to protect or exploit the world. All in a realistic context where nothing breaks your immersion.

Collect the most effective sets of hacking and security tools, gather assets, improve your computer to be the most feared hacker or create the most innovative web service and be the famous one. Provide experiments for your faction agendas and fight over control of worlds with other hackers.

Simulations are great for peeking into specific field and exploring some topic in practical entertaining way. This game is going to reveal hacking experience in living futuristic IT context emphasizing importance of cybersecurity. Surround yourself with huge amount of players passionate about technological progress and interested in influence of innovations on the whole society just like you are.

You are given an opportunity to explore a huge open world through accessing the network of computers in QuanTech simulation. This simulation is pretty realistic, so you will be able to learn about individual persons, who have different jobs, friends and lives and companies with different problems and agendas. You will learn everything through their files (documents, chats, mails, images, special tools) on their computers or servers and use it for your goal. They can even reflect how you are affecting the simulation they live in.

You will work for example with exploits, dictionary attack tools, different viruses, ..., firewalls, antiviruses, jails, auto-tracking.., port mapping and network scanning tools, sniffers, encryption..). There are over a hundred of tools and programs. Services will run persistently on your computer also when you disconnect. This makes you focus not only on hacking attacks, but also on security and defense.

All experiments have consequences on world stability. You will be able to see the consequences of experiments on individuals, companies and the world state itself which will help us understand if our path is correct.

Other factions are aware of this, so be ready to encounter other hackers during performing experimental tasks. They will try to sabotage your effort or achieve the opposite goal, mainly if you are trying to do the same against them.

Support us so we can finish all hacking and game mechanics, complete whole story, prepare epic content, upgrade graphic interface and make the game playable and enjoyable. And of course we need coffee to make all our ideas happen so every dollar is better than nothing!

The decentralized group of international activist hackers has been linked to numerous high-profile incidents over the years, including Internet attacks on governments, major corporations, financial institutions and religious groups.

Anonymous gained national attention in 2008, when the group hacked the Church of Scientology Web site with a distributed denial-of-service attack, in which multiple computers bombard the victim's server with requests in order to overwhelm and shut it down.

Although many supporters have praised Anonymous, members of the hacking collective have faced prosecution for their actions. FBI arrests have led to charges of cyber-stalking, computer hacking and fraud.

World Wide Hack presents a compelling story about the hacking of a special information system (Quantonaut), which hides many terrifying secrets of a quantum physics company (QuanTech). Along with this story, in World Wide Hack, you will experience a realistic simulation of the world that the player will share with many other hackers.

The realistic theme will also be supported by the graphic design of the game, which we also took special care of. Our goal with the graphic design was to achieve the most intense possible impression of maximum authenticity. An integral part of this game is the incorporation of the promised music, thanks to which World Wide Hack should definitely get players into the atmosphere of mysterious hacking.

Become the most influential hacker with the most secure computer, fight for control and domination of the world, create your own innovative web content and functionalities, or just quietly explore what a team of young people has prepared for you in 4 years of hard work.

Hi everyone ! I would be glad if you try out our game in development for free. World wide hack is multiplayer hacking simulator when you have to logically find your path through the UI to get yourself inside the living-breathing company of Quantech. Take in mind that game is still in pre-alpha development but already worth it.

February 2023. The Dutch Police hacked into and dismantled Exclu, an encrypted communications platform, to disrupt activity from criminal organizations. Dutch officials also exfiltrated communications data from Exclu servers for use in investigations. Eurojust, Europol, and police from Italy, Sweden, France, and Germany assisted in the operation.

February 2023. Polish officials reported a disinformation campaign targeting the Polish public. Targets received anti-Ukrainian refugee disinformation via email. Officials claimed these activities may be related to Russia-linked hackers.

February 2023. North Korea hacking group Lazarus conducted an espionage campaign between August and November 2022. Hackers targeted medical research, healthcare, defense, energy, chemical engineering and a research university, exfiltrating over 100MB of data from each victim while remaining undetected. The group is linked to the North Korean government.

February 2023. Latvian officials claimed that Russian hackers launched a phishing campaign against its Ministry of Defense. The Latvian Ministry of Defense stated this operation was unsuccessful.

February 2023. An Iranian hacking group launched an espionage campaign against organizations in the Middle East. Hackers used a backdoor malware to compromise target email accounts. Researchers claim the hacking group is linked to Iranian intelligence services.

February 2023. Chinese cyberespionage hackers performed a spear-phishing campaign against government and public sector organizations in Asia and Europe. The emails used a draft EU Commission letter as its initial attack vector. These campaigns have occurred since at least 2019 according to EclecticIQ Threat Research Team.

February 2023. Authorities from the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre claimed pro-Russian hackers launched DDoS attacks targeting hospital websites in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe.

January 2023. Latvian officials claimed that Russia-linked hackers launched a cyber espionage phishing campaign against its Ministry of Defense. The Latvian Ministry of Defense stated this operation was unsuccessful.

January 2023. CISA, the NSA, and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center released a joint advisory warning of an increase in hacks on the federal civilian executive branch utilizing remote access software. This follows an October 2022 report on a financially motivated phishing campaign against multiple U.S. federal civilian executive branch agencies.

January 2023. Russia-linked hackers deployed a ransomware attack against the UK postal service, the Royal Mail. The attack disrupted the systems used to track international mail. It took 20 days for the Royal Mail to fully restore international mail services.

January 2023. Iran-linked hackers executed ransomware attacks and exfiltrated data from U.S. public infrastructure and private Australian organizations. Australian authorities claim that the data exfiltrated was for use in extortion campaigns.

January 2023. Hackers launched a series of cyber-attacks against Malaysian national defense networks. Malaysian officials stated that the hacking activities were detected early enough to prevent any network compromise. 041b061a72


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